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Découvrez le portrait de Fadi Alsarhan, enseignant-chercheur à l’ISC Paris

Fadi Alsarhan

Quelle est TA définition en quelques mots de la pédagogie/l’apprentissage ?

For me, learning is all about exploring and making sense of the world. The best way to accomplish that (pedagogy) is through engaging in problem solving.

Si la pédagogie/l’apprentissage était une personne, qui ce serait ? Et un film ?

Not just one person, but many people represent this eagerness to explain and explore all throughout their lives: Isaac Newton, Avicenna, Alfred Nobel to name a few. A very inspirational film about generating and using knowledge is “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind”.

En tant qu’élève, quelle situation pédagogique t’a marquée ?

As a student, my most memorable learning situation were whenever teachers would take us outside the classroom in order to put in practice things we learned inside the classroom.

Quels sont tes projet(s)/envie(s)pédagogique(s) au sein de l’école ?

My main pedagogical aim is expanding and successfully articulating the idea of “learning by doing”

Si tu étais étudiant, comment aimerais tu apprendre ? Pourquoi (en qqs mots) ?

Applied methods are always the most efficient in my view.

Quelle est ta méthode/ton dispositif pédagogique/d’apprentissage préféré(e) ? Pourquoi (en qqs mots) ?

I have a particular appreciation for simulation activities (role plays and problem solving) and case studies, which help the student imagine being a decision making position where they have to respond to real issue

Quel est le premier article lu qui t’a marqué comme jeune chercheur ? Pourquoi (en qqs mots) ?

One of the earliest articles I read and that really structured my understanding of international management is entitled Developing global leaders.

Quel article a été le plus long à rédiger / publier ? Combien de temps ?

My second published paper was thus far the most demanding in terms of modifications and reviews. It took about a year and ten months to finally get published.

Avec quel chercheur aimerais-tu diner ? Pourquoi (en qqs mots) ?

I would love to dine with Sven Horak, who is a world-class researcher in Informal networks, an area of research I share with him.

Lequel de tes articles/ouvrages conseillerais tu de lire aux étudiants de l’ISC Paris ? Pourquoi (en qqs mots) ?

My paper on the relations between gender and the use of informal networks, which deals with a contemporary issue, and offers a framework which can be built on in different areas and contexts.

Peux-tu nous donner 5 mots clés sur tes projets de recherche en cours ?

Informal networks, Social capital, Human Resource management, emerging countries, International business realities.

Peux-tu nous donner une citation que tu aimes en ce moment ?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”. Maya Angelou