rachel cassidy bba program


Interview of Rachel Cassidy, BBA program student

Can you introduce yourself and share with us your academic background?

Hi there! My name is Rachel Cassidy and I am 21 years old. I grew up in a small town close to Toronto, Canada and moved to Paris two years ago. Through hard work and dedication, I completed my four years of secondary education while being a part of multiple extra curriculars. After attending a year of university studying biomedical sciences, I came to the realization that the program wasn’t something I enjoyed nor wanted for my future career. I took two years off and moved to Paris to au pair. Being surrounded by such a fascinating international business network, Paris inspired me to stay and pursue my post-secondary education in Business Administrations; specifically, Digital Marketing and Communications.

Why did you choose the BBA program of ISC Paris Business School?

In a society where demands of young girls are impossible to reach, I have always been drawn to the idea of pushing boundaries and expressing my uniqueness through my personal sense of fashion and beauty. The ISC’s Bachelor of Business Administration’s program fully corresponded with my ambitions to guide and attract young women with products and campaigns that help make them feel unique and beautiful by their own standards. I knew that the Bachelor of Business Administration’s program would give me the opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of business management, while gaining new skill sets that are applicable to future career opportunities. As the number one region in Europe for hosting the world’s top corporate headquarters, I also knew Paris was where I wanted to pursue my keen interest towards business. 

Can you tell us about your experience as a student at ISC Paris Business School?

The BBA program at ISC Paris has been such an enriching learning experience thus far. Studying alongside students from all over the world has allowed me to further expand my understanding of different cultures and values, as well as appreciate how cultural diversity can positively impact the business industry. Being exposed to this diversity has stimulated my mind and has challenged my thought development; enhancing how I refine information. 

Can you tell us what you have learned during your first semester?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned during my first semester at ISC Paris is the value that lies within networking and communications. This is how you maintain jobs, get promotions and build lifelong relationships. Even a simple interaction with one person can transform your life and result in a breakthrough. 

Why would you recommend the ISC Paris BBA program to future students?

With the chance to study abroad, study alongside students from all around the world, complete numerous internships and an apprenticeship, the BBA program allows you to gain valuable work experience, build networks, and challenge your thought development.  Here at ISC Paris, the opportunities are endless.