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Introducing Dr. Tuba BAKICI: New Director of the DBA at ISC Paris

The DBA at ISC Paris trains professionals to understand and act in an increasingly complex business world. It also gives them the critical thinking skills to identify and respond to new managerial challenges.

Dr. Tuba BAKICI has recently joined the ISC Paris DBA as a faculty member and Program Director: “I appreciate the ISC Paris’s strong commitment to excellence in business education and its dedication to fostering academic leadership. I see an opportunity to contribute to shaping a program dedicated to executives, through leveraging my expertise and passion for research“.

The degree for managers

With a DBA, you become a management expert! This course is aimed at professionals, providing them with an academic background closely linked to the world of business and research. It is ideal for those wishing to advance their professional careers. 

For Dr. BAKICI, the DBA is a rigorous program: “It is a program designed for executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and senior managers who seek to integrate the best academic and practitioner knowledge to advance the understanding of contemporary business challenges. Through systematic exploration of management theories and practices, the DBA equips graduates with specialized research skills, enabling them to meet organizational and industrial needs. Guided by core learning goals of staying at the forefront of business practices, mastering research methodology, and fostering original research, the DBA journey empowers participants to make impactful contributions to academia and professional practice. It is a journey of growth, discovery, and meaningful contribution”. 

Impactful Research

There are many initiatives to continue developing the program. According to Dr. BAKICI: “the DBA program at ISC Paris has the potential to drive impactful research initiatives and bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. Through impactful research, we can aim not only to advance academic understanding but also to address critical issues within the business landscape and society at large. Impactful research promises to generate actionable insights that lead to innovations, improved practices, and informed decision-making. I am quite excited to be part of this program and to play a role in advancing business education and research”.

Writing your thesis

The ISC Paris DBA is based on a process of learning through research. At the end of the program, candidates must publicly defend their thesis, which must be written in English. Training modules are provided both face-to-face and remotely to support the employee in this exercise: Theoretical Perspectives in Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Research Design, and Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. Before and throughout the writing process, students are accompanied by qualified researchers in their field of expertise.

After the DBA

This certification leads candidates to become experienced managers specialized in solving concrete organizational problems. This is the next step towards positions of responsibility as senior managers in companies or in the public sector, both in France and abroad. 

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