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ISC Paris, partner of the International Symposium for Finance, Banking and Insurance (ISFBI)

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The 18-19-20 February 2021 will be held the first edition of the International Symposium for Finance, Banking and Insurance (ISFBI). It is committed to be a core finance interdisciplinary event, open to academia and practitioners. This edition is entitled : FinTech, Cryptocurrencies and new burdens in financial economics: A post-worldwide Economic Crisis perspective. 

ISC Paris is a partner of this conference. In fact, two of the three conference chairmen are professors at ISC Paris : Pr. Mondher Bellalah (ISC Paris and Cergy Paris University) & Pr. Ilyes Abid (ISC Paris). The third chairman is Pr. Jean-Luc Prigent (Cergy Paris University).

A post-worldwide Economic Crisis perspective

Covid-19 pandemic crisis has becoming a major worldwide economic crisis. Researchers and practitioners are now questioning the new world overwhelming their fields. With a historical low rates levels in the western economies, an exponential unemployment, a negative price for oil barrel and a growing number of companies defaults in key industries, finance -as a disciplinary field- is pushed at its further burdens. Transformation of the whole banking and insurance industry is getting accelerated by the double effect of this unexpected crisis and the growing competition of FinTechs and BigTechs. Central Banks are also in a crossroad: is there a space to classical monetary policy when even money creation is challenged by cryptocurrencies?

Conference Scope

ISFBI is expecting to host high level contributions from academia and from industry as well on these subjects:

    • Financial Markets
    • Corporate finance
    • Technological innovations, IT and Smart applications
    • Risk management, especially dedicated techniques for banking and insurance
    • Governance of financial institutions in time of crisis
    • Impact of accounting evolving norms and rules on financial management
    • New modelling and forecasting tools for finance, banking and insurance
    • FinTech and BigTech existing and prospective impacts on financial markets, banking and insurance industry
    Cryptocurrencies and central banking digital currencies impacts on markets and on monetary policy

From IFC to ISBI

For its 12th edition of IFC-International Finance Conference, organizers decided to rename it as ISFBI-International Symposium for Finance, Banking and Insurance in order to align key topics of the agenda to the renewal of financial and economic thoughts. It is also an opportunity to open doors to new challenging fields insufficiently covered by top financial journals and conferences like technological innovations and smart applications in financial Economics, various alternative business models in Finance, Digitalization, and the increasing co-influence between finance, accounting and risk management. The last ambition behind ISFBI is to fill the gap between finance -as a core discipline- and other related expertise especially banking and insurance. These two last fields developed their own ecosystem of competencies and know-how and are not sufficiently integrated in the core finance journals and conferences.

Keynote & Honorary Guest Speakers

    • Pr. Giovanni Barone-Adesi, University of Lugano & Swiss Finance Institute, Switzerland
    • Pr. Oldrich Alfons Vasicek, University of Rochester, the UC Berkeley, USA
    • Pr. Ephraim Clark, Middlesex University, UK
    • Pr. M. Rocha Armada, Former Chairman of EFMA, University of Minho, Portugal
    • Pr. Aman Agarwal, Indian Institute of Finance & Finance India, INDIA
    • Pr. Leo Paul DANA, Editor, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and SME, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
    • Pr. Nizar Touzi, Ecole Polytechnique, FRANCE
    • Pr. Farid Aitsahlia, University of Florida, USA
    Dr. Achraf Ayadi, Banking Expert (private sector), FRANCE

Call for papers

Important dates :
Deadline for paper submission: November 30 th , 2020
Acceptance / Rejection: December 04 th , 2020
Definitive camera-ready version & Registration of Authors: January 11 th , 2021

Publications opportunities :
Articles presented will be published in special issues of the following journals: Gestion 2000, La Revue des Science de Gestion, Annals of Operational Research & International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business