Paris Campus

Jad Bazih, Head of the ISC Paris International Business MBA

Jad Bazih

Hello Jad, can you introduce yourself and review your career before ISC Paris?

I have joined ISC Paris as a professor of Finance in 2021 and I have been in the educational sector for 13 years. I started my teaching career in Lebanon before moving to the UAE and then to France in 2017. I have a Phd in management (track finance) with a focus on financial innovations and bank risk in emerging markets.

What does your role as Director of the MBA consist of?

You can think of the director as the dynamo of the program. The role focuses on coordinating the efforts of the administrators and teachers to accomplish the strategic goals of the program. 

The role also includes facilitating the recruitment and admission of students and responding to their inquiries. As an MBA director, i find myself responsible for engaging with the community and delivering a rigorous and fruitful program.

The position also has some technical aspects that include following up on the marketing and coordinating efforts with our offshore partners since we have a joint program with schools in russia and china. The role also includes suggesting program and curriculum improvements. Moreover, the director is responsible for strengthening the cohesion within the cohorts and maintaining a healthy relationship among students and with teachers also. 

Can you explain to us what the ISC Paris MBA consists of?

Our program is a 2 year full-time MBA program that consists of 10 months of courses followed by a 6 months internship and 6 months preparation for a graduation project. The prgoram is unique in combining both the theoretical and practical skill development approaches to prepare management professionals with a global mindset. 

What is your vision for the MBA?

My vision for the program is to become a top-notch management program recognized internationally for its excellence and high quality training and to provide future enterpreneurs, leaders and socially responsible citizens.

What are the strengths of the ISC Paris MBA in your opinion?

A major strength of our program is our action learning approach. This is a focal point of the program that helps build practical experience through case studies, simulations, scenario analysis and so on. This enables students to tackle real-life situations with a high degree of professionalism. Another major strength is in the quality of the courses and teachers. All of our teachers are highly skilled and very experienced professionals who i personally consider as our major asset. Moreover, we appreciate the diversity in the program and the networking opportunities it provides. We currently have more than 10 differnet nationalities enrolled in the current cohort. I also highly appreciate the cohesion among students and with teachers. This friendly, family-like atmosphere is a perfect setting for learning and achieving.  

What skills can you acquire with the MBA from ISC Paris?

The MBA from ISC Paris is the door to an entrepreneurial mindset. We focus on reinforcing the managerial skills of candidates, and maintaining a strategic vision. I believe this degree enables the managers of the future to assess information in a professional way and enhance their decision making techniques. Whether you are looking to build new skills, ,enhance your networking opportunities, start your own business or even shift between careers, i think this degree is perfect for you ! our moto is, as always: Be Our Change !