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MBA student interview: Issam El Hadouti

Can you introduce yourself and share with us your academic and professional background?

I am Issam, an electrical engineer specialized in the solar energy industry for both residential and commercial units. I obtained my Masters degree at the Polytech Angers back in 2006, then moved to the United States where I had very rich professional experience. At first, I worked as an Instrumentation and Controls Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry in Boston, MA. Then, I decided to move to California to be part of the green transition. I am so happy that my transition was a great success and I am proud now to contribute to a greener planet.

Why did you choose the MBA Program of ISC Paris Business School?

From a financial angle, it is very expensive to pursue an MBA program in the USA, and since ISC Paris offers an affordable MBA International business that has both a French and an international accreditations, I thought this is the best opportunity for me to improve my leadership and management skills. I didn’t hesitate to enroll at ISC Paris because the program has excellent content that is corporate business oriented and also because it is a part time program allowing students to do a part time job or even enrolling in an internship along with the program.

Can you tell us about your experience as a student at ISC Paris Business School?

On one hand, coming from California, I find Paris to be a very beautiful city offering a lot to students. It is also very affordable compared to San Diego. On the other hand, ISC Paris professors and all its staff are very competent and care a lot about the school reputation.
I am very pleased with the content of the classes in our MBA and already gaining lots of corporate business knowledge. This is fantastic!

Can you tell us what you have learned during your first semester?

During the first semester, I learnt about Strategy, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Information Systems and Data Management and International negotiations & trades, and I am so pleased with the content of all the classes and sympathy and professionalism of the teachers: I feel already part of the corporate business world!

Why would you recommend the ISC Paris MBA program to future students?

To gain managerial and leadership skills, it is mandatory to have a deep understanding of all departments that any business consists of. Besides, you will also learn the international law that governs all the businesses and this is very exciting. The MBA International business at ISC Paris has great content and is only a part time program leaving you with lots of spare time to have a great work/life balance.