A new brand strategy for ISC Paris

ISC Paris Group

Building on more than half a century of history, a network of over 18,500 alumni, and the unique and dynamic spirit of our multi-talented founder Paul Icard, ISC Paris is pleased to introduce our new brand strategy, establishing us as France’s top educational group for Action Learning.

Action Learning by ISC Paris is a unique approach to business and management education—where classroom instruction and real-world experience meet. Action Learning involves our entire campus environment—our 250 work/study students, our Student Enterprises that serve as entrepreneurship labs, our innovative, student-centered curriculum, and our academic incubator all play key roles.

Our new brand strategy focuses on both innovation and continuity—exemplified by the thought we’ve put into the complete redesign of both of our websites. Stay tuned for more exciting changes in the near future when the sites go live.

This new brand platform is the result of a dynamic, productive collaboration with all of our stakeholders—alumni, students, partners, administrators, and staff. It conveys the spirit of ISC Paris—a true feeling of belonging, a sense of meaning, and an expression of shared values. We hope that it will strengthen the ties between all members of the thriving community that is ISC Paris.

Be our change

Our new motto: “Be our change,” goes to the heart of our mission, and all that we hold true—it expresses the ISC Paris state of mind. These words encourage all of our stakeholders to work together for change—as our mindsets, our ways of doing things, and our business models evolve to create a solid, connected, well-thought-out, and sustainable future for ourselves and for others.

A new brand platform that expresses who we are

Vision ISC Paris

Our vision: Believing in everyone’s success

Within each of us lies the key to our own success, and the key to our contributions to the world around us. To succeed, we must learn how to best express ourselves, how to learn from others, how to test our knowledge in the real world, and how to pass on what we’ve learned.

Our commitment

To bring out each student’s talents through instructional techniques that combine theory, practice, and sharing to produce adults who are confident in their futures and their ability to succeed together in the future.

Our values

Openness : Openness is a state of mind; it means understanding that we are all enriched by the differences between us, and that tomorrow is up to us to create
Ambition : Ambition means that we give our best in every situation; we can face and overcome challenges
Sharing : Sharing means giving back; passing on what we’ve learned, and growing by helping others grow alongside us
Resilience : Resilience means that we fall down nine times and get up ten. It’s the price of success; it means that we become greater through our successes and failures

Our belief

To train managers who can meet the challenges of the future, we emphasize:

– Situational intelligence–Responsibility and the greater good
– Understanding the geopolitical balance and international challenges
– The ability to reinvent organizations in a transformative online environment
– An ethical and intercultural approach
– The ability and desire to constantly learn and pass on our knowledge

“The challenges that we in the ISC Paris Group are facing due to Covid-19 show how important identity and online presence are today. Despite the quarantine, we’ve remained committed to our timeline for launching our new brand platform and our new visual look—because they show exactly who we are. This revamp is a fresh, modern take on the ISC Paris Group’s image, and it carries through in both of our fully-redesigned websites. This marks a turning point for the Group, along with the fact that we’ve now earned three international accreditations. We’re proud and excited to share this new brand image with all of you!”Jean-Christophe Hauguel, Dean and CEO of ISC Paris

Rethinking our brand identity as we expand and grow

As ISC Paris expands to include programs held in France and internationally, we are positioning ourselves both as a group brand—the ISC Paris Group—and two highly-targeted brands, ISC Paris Grande École and ISC Paris Global Programs.

Rethinking our brand identity

The ISC Paris Group

We are one of France’s few independent higher education groups. We offer management-focused degree and certificate programs for traditional university students and working professionals, not to mention our business incubator, our Lab’Innovation, our Research Laboratory, and our business partnerships which allow us to customize our offerings to the ever-changing needs of the modern business world.

ISC Paris Grande École

ISC Paris Grande École is our brand that develops and delivers programs accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. These programs are open to French and international students, and include our Grande École Master degree program (open to students who have already completed a Bachelor’s/undergraduate degree), and our Bachelor in Management program, for students who have completed a high school diploma.


ISC Paris Global Programs is the ISC Paris Group’s brand that develops and delivers international, career-focused programs tailored to the needs of the modern business world. These programs include our Master of Science, MBA in International Business, DBA, and Executive Education programs, along with our summer programs.

A fresh, confident, and modern brand, centered on our new visual identity

We’ve updated our typography to stay current, while staying true to our tradition. At ISC Paris, we’re determined to be counted among the major players in higher education, and our bold new typography shows this.

The letters ISC have become our logotype, to strengthen and emphasize the bond between our school and our stakeholders; the new logotype shows that we all have a role to play. This new image shows that we are all part of our brand’s continuity and history.

We’re not making any radical changes to our longstanding color palette; we’re evolving toward fresher and livelier shades. The modern graphic design trend is toward shaded rather than solid colors—a visual representation of the spirit of the ISC Paris Group—in motion! We’re no longer defined by just one color; each of our brands has its own palette of shades, and a color wheel that is specific to that brand’s programs. The ISC Paris Grande École brand is trending toward a yellow-orange palette, while Global Programs has its own unique blue-green tones. As a symbol of change within the spirit of continuity, the ISC Paris Group will maintain its traditional eggplant color, with a fresh pop of neon shading.

Programs ISC Paris

Two new websites, showcasing the breadth and depth of ISC Paris’ programs

In late April ISC Paris will launch two new websites: one for ISC Paris Grande École, and one for the ISC Paris Group and ISC Paris Global Programs. We’ll be launching English versions of both of these sites in late May.

We’ve added new information and an improved user experience to both of these sites, with an entirely new look including rich, useful, and practical content for our students, professors, parents, and businesses looking for continuing education programs.
Our new sites are optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users on wi-fi or mobile connections, and the structure of the new sites provides an appealing, smooth, and intuitive user experience right from the Home page.
Video and audio content highlight all of our stakeholders—the spirit of ISC Paris. Visitors to our sites will experience the energy of our school community, and the unique experience that is ISC Paris.

We’ve been collaborating intensely with the MadameMonsieur Communications Agency for months, to bring you these fully-redesigned websites.