ARTICLE 1 – Registration

All students who register for the academic year at ISC PARIS must complete a contract of studies signed by the institution, the student, and, if applicable, the student’s financial guarantor and legal representative signatory to the contract of studies. The contract of studies is filled out and validated online. The signing of the contract of studies entails the acceptance of these general conditions of sale in force on the day of the signature of the contract of studies including the registration file and specific conditions.
To be valid, the contract of studies must be signed, and must include the payment of registration fees, a copy of the student’s identity document, the student’s transcript of grades from secondary school or university, as required for admission.

Any contract of studies that is incomplete, incorrect, or not signed will be considered invalid.

ARTICLE 2 – Class attendance

Any student or financial guarantor and/or and legal representative signatory to the contract of studies, enters the institution’s facilities or attends class, physically or distance-learning courses, must comply with these general conditions of sales, with the Educational Regulations for the program, and with the Internal Regulations.

ARTICLE 3 – Student status

ISC PARIS is a private higher technical education establishment, not under contract of association with the French State, and recognized by the French State. This grants ISC PARIS’ students official student status. Students will be provided with a certificate of enrollment after the completed contract of studies is received. A student id card will be issued to each student. If students lose their ID card, a replacement card may be issued.

Students must pay to have their ID cards replaced (€ 50 per card renewal). During internships or work experience projects, students maintain their official student status, as long as all three parties have signed an Internship Agreement as defined by the Education Code.

ARTICLE 4 – Personal data

The personal data (surname, first name, postal and email addresses, nationality, date and place of birth, social security number, student’s old transcript of grades) collected by ISC PARIS as part of the conclusion of the contract of studies are necessary for its preparation. They are subject to computer processing. In accordance with the applicable regulations in this area (in particular Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, Law n ° 2018-493 of June 20, 2018 relating to data protection , and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data), the student benefits rights over his personal data and in particular a right of access, communication, rectification or even opposition.

Some personal data may be sent to the ISC Alumni Association, related to the student’s enrollment in that association, to the State services (supervisory ministry) in the framework of its requests (juries, annual surveys), to the accreditation bodies and academic partners, particularly during an international exchange.

If the student wishes to exercise one of his rights or obtain communication of information concerning them, he can do so by sending an email to the following address:

ARTICLE 5 – Contribution to student life and Campus

The contribution of student life and campus (CVEC) was instituted by the Law “Orientation and success of students” promulgated on March 8, 2018. Each student registered in initial training at an institution of higher education must obtain his proof of payment for the contribution student life and campus by payment or by exemption before enrolling in his establishment. The steps must be carried out by the student on the web site

When registering with ISC PARIS, the student acknowledges having made or started the necessary steps and agrees, to provide the ISC PARIS, at he latest before the beginning of the courses, the proof of the CVEC payment.

ARTICLE 6 – Promotion to the next year

Promotion to the next year is the sole decision of the Promotion Jury, as described in the Educational Regulations. The jury may decide :

• To have the student repeat all or part of the academic year, and lose all credits earned,
• To expel the student from ISC PARIS at the end of the school year. If the Promotion Jury requires the student to repeat all or part of the academic year, tuition and fees for the current year are still due, regardless of the decision date.

In the event of exclusion, the contract of studies is terminated and the student or his financial guarantor and legal representative signatory to the contract of studies is not liable for the subsequent years initially provided for in the contract. The previous years remain acquired.
ISC PARIS reserves the right to prohibit students from being promoted to the next year if their tuition and fees are not paid in full.

ARTICLE 7 – Deferring enrollment for one year / leave of absence

Students may request a leave of absence for one, and only one academic year during their program. This request must be sent by certified letter with return receipt, to the ISC Paris Head Office. This leave must be formally approved by the ISC Paris Head Office, otherwise the absent student is considered as having dropped out, as per Article 11. When the student temporarily leaves ISC PARIS, he/she must be up to date on all academic, administrative, and financial obligations.
The logistics of the student’s return to ISC PARIS will be determined in an agreement between the student and the ISC Paris Head Office.

ARTICLE 8 – Enrollment deposit

The enrollment deposit is paid at the time of signing the contract of studies, the amount of which will be deducted from the tuition fees due for the first academic year contractually provided for. This amount will not be refunded in the event of withdrawal at the initiative of the student.

New students may request a refund of their enrollment deposit (minus a processing fee) if, and only if 1) the student did not earn the diploma required for admission, and 2) an international student cannot obtain a visa required to study in France. If this occurs, the refund request must include supporting documentation.

ARTICLE 9 – Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees cover the study period for which the student is enrolled, whether for instructional purposes or during internships and work experiences.
Tuition and fees for the academic year are due and must be paid, regardless of:

  • The number of courses the student is taking
  • The modalities of attendance
  • The student’s academic program (internship, exchange program, double major)
  • The location where the student is studying (ISC Paris campus, corporate internship, partner institution in France or in another country),
  • The outcome of the student’s coursework.

Tuition and fees include:

  • Classes within the student’s program
  • Assistance and advice by specialized teams
  • Course materials
  • Access to all of ISC PARIS’ on-campus resources and services
  • Access to internships and jobs offered through the Career Center; internship and career assistance and advising
  • Student ID card.

Tuition and fees are set for the study period, as stated in the contract of studies, and are subject to the specified payment methods They cover tuition as defined by the ISC Paris Head Office. Tuition and fees do not include Social Security or health insurance premiums, the entrance examination, external examinations, student activity fees, student association fees, alumni association membership, books and supplies, housing, transportation, or school trip fees.
ISC PARIS tuition and fees generally cover tuition at partner institutions in other countries for academic exchange semesters (excluding transportation, insurance, housing, food, and spending money).

However, some locations require additional tuition and fees that are covered in a specific contract.
The overall amount of tuition fees over the study period is set at the time of signing the contract of studies and takes precedence over any annual price revision decided by the management of the establishment.

However, if a specific path is chosen by the student during his study period leading in particular to an extension of the duration of studies, an amendment to the initial contract of studies may be signed, and modifications of prices may be applied.

ARTICLE 10 – Payments of scholarships and tuition fees

The payment of scholarships can be done by all means (bank card, check, transfer, cash). Nevertheless, according to legal provisions of articles L112-6 and D112-3 of the French Code Monétaire et Financier, the payment in cash cannot exceed a total of 1000€ for students having their fiscal residence in
France, and 10 000€ for students who do not have their fiscal residence in France.

Payments must be made no later than the dates specified on the payment schedule. Payments that are 15 days late will be subject to a collection letter. Additional measures, up to and including the student’s expulsion from ISC PARIS, may be taken alongside collections procedures for the funds due.

Any and all collections fees (automatic withdrawal failure, bounced check) will be billed to the student or his/her financial guarantor/ legal representative signatory to the contract of studies.
Any student whose tuition and fees are not up to date will be prohibited from attending class, using the intranet, attending examinations (including makeup examinations), defending his/her thesis and accessing all ISC PARIS student services. Specifically, no internship agreements will be signed with students whose tuition and fees are not up to date.

ARTICLE 11 – Termination by the student or his/her legal representative

Any student or his/her legal representative who signed the contract of studies may terminate his/her enrollment via a certified letter or by simply requesting acknowledgment of a written notification submitted to the ISC PARIS administrative offices.

  • Any student who drops out before the academic year begins will notreceive a refund for his/her enrollment deposit.
  • Before the start date of the subsequent academic years, the termination entails the cancellation of the sums due in respect of those subsequent years.
  • After the academic year begins, all tuition and fees for the academic year are due.

ARTICLE 12 – Termination by ISC Paris

ISC PARIS may terminate a student’s enrollment if that student violates the internal regulations that he/she has acknowledged, or does not comply with the payment schedule. If this occurs, the student will not receive a refund, and ISC PARIS will collect any funds that have not been paid for the terminated academic period. If ISC PARIS cannot, or can no longer, provide services during an academic year, enrollments will be terminated and the amounts paid for the services not delivered will be refunded.

However, if services cannot be provided for a period of time less than or equal to one month, ISC PARIS will retain all funds due, and will commit to making up the time lost due to the temporary interruption of services.

ARTICLE 13 – Special financing: Professionalization contract or financing by a company

In the case of a student being financed by a company or a professional organization, articles 7/8/9/10 of the general conditions of sale do not apply and are replaced by special conditions of financing as defined in the new educational contract.
However, the terms and conditions above need to be accepted by the student. This step is essential to be registered administratively at ISC PARIS and to have access to classes, schedules, study tools and online services (resume and job offers).

This contract is the first link between the student and ISC PARIS. It is necessary for sending all contractual and financial elements between ISC PARIS, the student and the company or financing organization.

ARTICLE 14 – Insurance

During the student’s entire term of enrollment, he/she agrees to take out social protection and civil liability insurance. A certificate of Civil Liability for the academic year in which the student is enrolled must be submitted at the beginning of the academic year.

This also applies if a student relocates internationally in the context of his/her program.

Students absolutely must have insurance that covers them during that time period. Students are responsible for contacting international insurance professionals in order to purchase insurance policies that best meet their needs.

ISC PARIS is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings. ISC PARIS is not liable if a student on medical leave enters the campus.

ARTICLE 15 – Liability

In no case is ISC Paris liable for indirect or intangible harm or damage. In the absence of legal provisions to the contrary, ISC PARIS’ liability for direct damages will be limited to the total amount of the student’s tuition and fees.

ARTICLE 16 – Life time membership in ISC Alumni Association

All third-year students are enrolled in the Institut Supérieur du Commerce Paris’ Alumni Association. Students acknowledge having been informed of that Association’s bylaws (available on the website Students pay voluntary dues of 300 euros for a lifetime membership in the ISC Paris Alumni Association that begins when the student graduates from ISC PARIS. Dues are payable when the student’s first tuition and fee payment is due.

This membership grants access to the ISC Paris Alumni Association’s current and future services, and to the Association’s website and online directory. Dues are collected by ISC PARIS, on behalf of the ISC Paris Alumni Association (French title: Association des Diplômés de l’ISC Paris), as per a contract and agent relationship between the two entities. Any dispute concerning these dues must be discussed and resolved between the student and the ISC Paris Alumni Association, which agrees to issue a refund to any student who has not graduated and who requests this before the end of his/her enrollment at ISC PARIS.

ARTICLE 17 – Students who are not citizens

Students who are not citizens of the country in which they are studying must take the necessary steps to comply with local laws. When registering, they must provide proof that they are lawfully authorized to study and/or complete an internship or apprenticeship in the country in question, in the context of their academic program. Moreover, they shall have to be in accordance with legal obligations which apply to the payment of scholarships as explain in Article 10, and make a

Sworn Statement that they are not a French fiscal resident if they consider to make a cash payment which would exceed 1000 €.

ARTICLE 18 – Right of withdrawal

If the contract of studies has been off-premises contract, the student and/or legal representative signing the contract of studies have a right of withdrawal for 14 days from the conclusion of the contract of studies.
The student and/or legal representative signing the contract of studies exercising their right of withdrawal may obtain full reimbursement of the costs incurred in execution of the contract.

Reimbursement shall be made according to the same method of payment used at the conclusion of the contract of studies within one month of receipt of the request for withdrawal.
The student and/or legal representative signing the contract of studies must inform ISC of his or her wish to withdraw by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, indicating his or her decision to withdraw by means of an unambiguous statement or by filling in the withdrawal form annexed to these general conditions of sales.

ARTICLE 19 – Applicable law and courts with jurisdiction

In the event of a discrepancy between the French version and the English version, only the French version of these general conditions of sales is authentic.
The general conditions of sales and all relationships between ISC PARIS and its clients are governed by French law.
In the event of difficulties relating to the application of these general conditions of sale, the student and, if applicable, his legal representative who signed the contract of studies may have recourse, free of charge, to a mediation service in order to settle out of court any dispute relating to these general conditions of sale.

In addition, each student and, where applicable, his or her legal representative who has signed the contract of studies is informed of the existence of the European online dispute resolution platform, which is intended to collect any complaints arising from online purchases by European consumers and to forward them to the competent national mediators: this platform is accessible at the following address:

In the absence of an amicable solution, any dispute relating to these general terms and conditions of sale, their interpretation or their execution, may be brought before the competent court in application of the rules of common law and in particular article R. 631-3 of the French Consumer Code.