A dedicated career center

In partnership with the Student Enterprise ISC Network, and the ISC Paris Alumni Network, the ISC Paris Career Center organizes seminars and meetings with professionals throughout the year. These sessions focus on various professions and business sectors.
Several times per year, the Career Center holds job fairs where students can meet with recruiters and target internships or fixed-term employment contracts.

  • October/November: job fair targeting final/pre-hiring internships and full-time jobs
  • January/February: job fair targeting initial internships, Bac+3/+4 internships and M2/MSc internships
  • May/June: Work/study fair

Targeted coaching

The ISC Paris Career Center prepares our students to seek out internships and jobs. In collaboration with our program directors, the Career Center works to integrate career preparation modules into the curriculum: how to write a CV and cover letter and how to succeed in an interview. The Career Center offers personalized career coaching, CV and cover letter advice, and interview preparation.

Specialized tools

The Career Center also provides students with job search and research tools:

  • Jobteaser: Find internship and job opportunities
  • Mcvfactory: Prepare your job search materials; get advice on how to optimize your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Highered EFMD Global Talent Ecosystem: internship and job search platform
  • Talentoday: helps you identify and highlight your personal qualities, to narrow down your career plans.
  • Human Roads: be inspired by the career paths of ISC Paris alumni, to help you choose a specialization.


Professional integration
Marie Galan
Director of CFA
(+33) (0)1 40 53 79 64