Master in Consulting and Project Management| ISC Paris

A French Bac+5 Master program in leading corporate change.

The key points

  • Admissions requirements Hold a two or three-year university degree
  • Accreditations French government Bac+5 accreditation, Master degree, accredited by AACSB, BGA, and AMBA, and an EFMD-accredited Master degree.
  • Language French & English
  • Program type Work/study
  • Length Three years (One year undergraduate, Master 1, Master 2) or two years (Master 1 and Master 2)
  • Tuition 9950€ for the 1rst year (undergraduate) ; paid by corporate employer for the 2nd and 3rd years
  • Next start date September 2024
  • Campus Paris & Orléans

Overview of the Master in Consulting and Project Management| ISC Paris

The Master in Consulting and Project Management gives you the project management, management, and finance skills — and the soft skills — to lead corporate change. After completing the program, you will be ready to take on complex tasks in very challenging environments.

The Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development is offered on our Paris and Orléans campuses.


Career paths after the ISC Paris Master in Consulting and Project Management

After completing the program, you’ll have the project management skills and adaptability to work in a variety of contexts. You’ll also have a big-picture view of the corporate world that will allow you to work in a consulting firm, a digital services firm, or in a major corporation.

You’ll be qualified to take on a variety of roles:

  • Project director
  • Project management consultant
  • Management/organization consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Research director/Program director

Instructional objectives

  • Effectively leading corporate change and delivering a high degree of performance.
  • Designing and managing change projects, in the unique environment of digital transformation.
  • Working internationally.

Skill set

  • Strategic overview of corporations (228 hours)
  • Corporate management and performance (200 hours)
  • Responsible corporate management (184 hours)
  • Managing change and personnel (148 hours)
  • International marketing and growth (216 hours)

Once you’ve mastered each skill set in the degree program, you’ll receive a certificate for that skill set, to be used for record-keeping purposes.
As per French labor law no. 2016-1088 of August 8, 2016, completed skill sets are valid for life.

Applying to the ISC Paris Master in Consulting and Project Management

How much does the Master in Consulting and Project management cost?

  • Year 1: 9,950 euros
  • Year 2, apprenticeship and/or trainee contract: Paid by corporate work placement
  • Gap year: 3,000 euros
  • Year 3, apprenticeship and/or trainee contract: Paid by OPCO
  • Supplement for EU students: 800 euros

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