ISC Paris Group awarded BGA, a new international accreditation

bga accreditation

After being awarded the AACSB accreditation in 2017, the AMBA accreditation in September 2019 and the EFMD accredited label in March 2020, the ISC Paris group awarded the BGA label, a new international accreditation, at the beginning of this year, after being audited in October 2020. ISC Paris thus becomes the 2nd school in France (1st French post-Prepa school) to receive this distinction and joins 12 other schools around the world.

The ISC Paris Group is awarded BGA international accreditation

The Business Graduates Association (BGA) accreditation, linked to the Association of MBAs, is a benchmark quality assurance achievement that is awarded to business schools that can clearly demonstrate a growing impact on their students and stakeholders.

BGA’s vision is to be the leading global movement for responsible management, positive impact and lifelong learning. In particular, BGA believes that business schools play a vital role in preparing students for future employment; giving them the tools and skills to succeed in their professional lives. And while this is a vital aspect of a business school, schools must also focus on the personal growth of students. This includes the development of social skills, ethical behaviour, self-confidence and humility, all of which form the foundation of socially conscious and responsible leaders.

The ISC Paris Group is committed to 9 points

BGA sets out its criteria for accreditation in a charter that requires institutions to demonstrate their commitment.

    • 1. Responding to the demands of the economy, contributing to economic growth and development, and fostering social transformation.
    • 2. The principles of CSR, ethics and sustainability (reflecting the UN’s sustainable development goals)
    • 3. Good governance, institutional sustainability and integrity
    • 4. Generating value by establishing tangible links with other academic institutions
    • 5. Continuous Improvement
    • 6. Impact, innovation and excellence
    • 7. Involvement, inclusion and respect for all stakeholders
    • 8. The principles of equality and diversity
    9. Employability of graduates and company relations

This accreditation, whose duration is aligned with the AMBA accreditation (3 years), concerns the entire institution of the ISC Paris Group and not a specific degree program.


The question of impact is an important point of accreditation and we respect its standards, particularly for the transversal dimension of the subject. The corporate culture, the strength of the Action Learning model, the development plan and the International Advisory Board were also singled out as strengths of the institution. We can therefore collectively congratulate ourselves on this success and I would like to thank all those who contributed in one way or another to the preparation of the report.