The ISC Paris Master In Management

The key points

  • Admission requirements Admission after 2 or 3 years of higher education
  • Accreditations Grade de Master, AACSB, AMBA, EFMD Accredited Master, BGA
  • Language French and English
  • Rythm Initial for the 3 years or work-study from the 2nd year
  • Duration 3 years or 2 years
  • Price 9950 € for the 1st year (undergraduate) ; see tuition and fees for the 2nd and 3rd years
  • Intake September 2024
  • Campuses Paris & Orléans

Presentation of the ISC Paris Master In Management

The Master in Management program was isc paris’ first program, developed in 1963. It gives students an overview of corporate life, and the interactions between the various corporate roles; as a student, you will develop unique skills in the specialization of your choice.

The Master in Management program prepares you to lead projects, and to work in a team with multi-skilled professionals in a business unit, or in a newly-founded company. You will learn how to dive into your role in the specialized environment of a multicultural company facing the challenges of sustainable development and technological innovation, faced by all modern professions and organizations.

Our instructional approach will help you develop your “situational intelligence” through experience based on a solid management science foundation.
Our Master in Management is recognized as one of the top international masters in management programs. We award master degrees (high school + five years) and are accredited by aacsb, amba, and epas.

Program accredited by the CEFDG

The Master in Management program is offered at both our paris and orléans campuses; you will be immersed in a unique student experience, in a rich and diverse educational ecosystem that will help your talents and projects thrive.

Strengths of the ISC Paris Master in Management

  • You will join a select group–france’s top business and management schools.
  • You will earn a French government-approved master degree (high school + five years) at a school accredited by aacsb, amba,and epas.
  • You can choose between our traditional curriculum and our work-study curriculum beginning in your second year.
  • Your classes will be taught by highly skilled professors.
  • You can personalize your curriculum through a wide array of specializations.
  • You can take advantage of multiple university exchanges and dual degrees in more than 43 countries and more than 130 partner universities.
  • You can be part of an association system that is completely integrated into the curriculum, including more than 100 projects per year.
  • You will receive individualized support for your career plans and job search.
  • You can study at either of our two campuses: paris or orléans
  • You have access to harvard business publishing’s e-learning curriculum

A customized educational experience

A business and management grande école’s primary purpose is to guarantee you the best possible career prospects after you graduate. At iSC Paris , each student is unique. and therefore, everyone’s educational program is unique.

The isc paris program during your first two years covers every aspect of management, with a particular focus on the human factor, multicultural awareness, and project management skills.

This curriculum helps you progressively develop unique skills in the area of your choice.
specialization begins after the second year of your program.
In your third year, you can choose a specialization that will allow you to refine your focus and succeed in your chosen career plans.

Whether you choose our traditional program or our work/study program, the isc paris grande école program ensures that you will have exemplary job prospects and a fulfilling career path.

Master in Management program

The ISC Paris grande école program is a three-year program, with a generalist core program during the first two years, and a specialized program during the third year.

An international perspective: the heart of our programs and our campuses

ISC Paris emphasizes the importance of adding an international perspective to your professional profile. This allows you to develop the professional and cultural skills that you need to understand our globalized world.

Today’s economic challenges happen on a global scale, whether they involve managing clients, supplier relationships, or competition between companies. The ISC Paris Master in Management program allows you to work, grow, and thrive anywhere in the world.

International exchanges that earn ects credits

To continue to the next year of the program, you must earn a minimum number of ECTS credits per year: 30 credits per semester and 60 credits for a year of international study.

Once ISC Paris receives documentation that you have successfully completed your courses at the host university, your credits are transferred to ISC Paris. Before leaving, you will sign a learning agreement that serves as the basis for transferring your credits to ISC Paris.

ISC Paris recommends that you study two languages other than French, aiming toward successfully completing language proficiency exams.

All students selected for an academic exchange must meet two criteria: academic performance and language skills. For example, students must pass a certified language proficiency exam such as the TOEFL or TOIEC, depending on the partner university’s criteria.

Learn more about our international university exchange agreements

A cosmopolitan campus

At ISC Paris you are in constant contact with students from over 54 countries, without having to travel!

Our Paris campus hosts more than 300 international exchange students. This offers you a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures, and other ways of life, while taking advantage of all that Paris has to offer.

Tuition and fees

  • Year 1: 9,950 euros
  • Year 1, scholarship: 2,500 euros
  • Year 2: 12,980 euros
  • Year 2, work/study program: paid by corporate employer
  • Gap year: 3,000 euros
  • Year 3: 12,980 euros
  • Year 3, work/study program: paid by corporate employer
  • Year 3, international dual degree: 3,000 euros and partner university’s fees
  • Year 3, dual degree GRFI: 14,600 euros
  • Year 3, dual degree GIF: 4,500 euros and apprenticeship
  • Year 3, dual degree FACO: 15,000 euros
  • Year 3, extensive courses: 15,980 euros
  • Supplement for non-EU students: 800 euros

For questions about paying for your education, please consult the information in the tuition section.

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